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Fall Samish Island Paint Out 
September 20-24, 2017 

Please check back in mid-July for registration information 

For those who have not been, paint-out is held on Samish Island at the Church of Christ Church Camp with room for around 45 artists. The camp has rustic little cabins, which are all brightly painted different colors. (See gallery pictures below.) For a few more dollars, there are E-cabins, which have a shared bathroom facility. The camp provides 3 meals each day and the food is excellent. Meals are included in the cost of the paint-out.

Most artists come to paint and are serious about that. There are so many wonderful things to paint, whether you are a plein aire painter or an inside painter. There is Puget Sound right across the street, the camp has a large salt lake for walking around, and everywhere you look there is something to paint. There are oyster beds nearby and, of course, the tide is always changing.

One thing that is so great about paint-out is that everyone there is working at their own pace and working on their own projects. Some artists are painting with oils, some are using acrylics, and some watercolor. There were also some collage pieces being created and downstairs larger pieces are in the works.  

There is a large bulletin board for artists to hang their finished work and it seems like there is always a race to be the first to post a finished painting. How fun!

If you are interested in attending the fall paint-out artist retreat, check back in mid-July for the registration form.