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The Northwest Watercolor Society

was founded 1939 in Seattle, Washington when a group of eight artists came together to form an organization dedicated to the celebration of watercolor. With a goal to inspire both a lasting interest in the art of watercolor painting and an appreciation for watercolor as an artful, imaginative medium, the history of NWWS began.



Daniel Smith Artists Materials

“Art is a gift,” says John Cogley, owner of DANIEL SMITH Artists’ Materials and Manufacturing. Even though his mother and sister are artists in the traditional sense, John’s art is manufacturing and the production of artists’ materials.

Six months out of the year John is traveling the world telling the story of how paint is made. In his demonstrations to artists, they get to actually hold the minerals in their hands, the minerals that become the pigments squeezed from tubes onto a palette and brushed onto paper where artists create their own story.

The story begins by sourcing for material. Pigment comes from two sources: minerals from all over the world and the laboratory – which would be synthetics like the Quinacridones. Minerals are found in nature. Paints created in the lab are high performance pigments designed and used in the automobile and other industries.

Recently John was in Tasmania to pick up serpentine, a beautiful luminous green color. The town of the serpentine mine had a population of 2,000 until it was shut down and now there are five people. “It’s almost like being in Oz when walking down the road because of the veins of serpentine. ”Mike, the miner, one of the five remaining people, sells serpentine to sculptors, who turn out to be another source for minerals.

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In 1976 Daniel Smith began manufacturing inks to meet artist’s needs. Today, Daniel Smith Artists' Materials is a leading designer and manufacturer of thousands of art products, substrates and unique items found nowhere else. Please visit Daniel Smith Artists' Materials.

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Join us for the Waterworks 2017 Workshop with acclaimed artist Iain Stewart, October 23-27, 2017. The watercolor artists NWWS brings in to judge our exhibitions and teach our workshops are the best in the world and Iain Stewart, juror for the upcoming 2017 Waterworks Membership Exhibition, is no exception! Click here for details.

Waterworks 2017 - The NWWS Annual Members Exhibition will be held at Tsuga Fine Art & Framing at 10101 Main Street, Bothell, WA 98011 from October 24 through November 22, 2017.  ACCEPTED ARTISTS are now posted click "view details" Awards Reception takes place October 26 at Tsuga Fine Art & Framing from 6-8 PM.
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NWWS Signature Exhibition - The Signature Exhibition will be held November 16 - December 31, 2017 at the Schack Art Center, 2921 Hoyt Ave., Everett, WA 98201. This exhibition is occurring during the busy holiday time which guarantees high foot traffic. Click here to see the prospectus.  Entry is CLOSED

NWWS Overlake Hospital Display: Sunday, December 10, 2017. Entry deadline is DECEMBER 1, 2017Click here for details.

GENERAL MEETING: The next general meeting is Tuesday, October 24, 2017. General meetings are not held in June, July, August, or December.  
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Now Available to Everyone! NWWS announces our retrospective book, "A Fluid Tradition: Northwest Watercolor Society… The First 75 Years". This book is an important chronicle of water media painting in the Northwest, and particularly the founding of NWWS 75 years ago. Log in to the NWWS website and select the "Products" link from the menu above to purchase your copy. 



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