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The Northwest Watercolor Society

was founded 1939 in Seattle, Washington when a group of eight artists came together to form an organization dedicated to the celebration of watercolor. With a goal to inspire both a lasting interest in the art of watercolor painting and an appreciation for watercolor as an artful, imaginative medium, the history of NWWS began.



Watercolor Portraits on DANIEL SMITH Iridescent Gold Watercolor Ground

by Molly Murrah

This is the painting I did at the demo. The paper had already been stretched, the ground applied, and the drawing transferred before I started. The painting was 75% finished in about an hour, and I finished it later at home. Such fun!

Last spring, I was asked if I would do a summer demo at the DANIEL SMITH Bellevue store. I have great fun doing DANIEL SMITH demos, so I knew I would say “yes.”

What I didn’t know was what I would demonstrate. One way I keep myself growing as an artist is to make commitments that will force me to learn something new — painting on DANIEL SMITH’s Iridescent Gold Watercolor Ground was definitely “something new.” I had only finished one painting on the ground and was uncertain about the process at best, but true to my leap-before-I-look approach to art, my demo — “GOLD MAGIC: Portraits on DS Gold Watercolor Ground” — came to be. I did two additional portraits on the gold ground before presenting the demo.

First, I thinned the ground with a little bit of water and applied one coat over the entire surface of my paper. After letting it dry overnight, I then applied a second coat using perpendicular strokes. The gold ground is made from Mica PW 20 and Iron Oxides, suspended in an acrylic emulsion. Once it is dry it is permanent, so I would suggest using separate brushes for the ground to avoid ruining a favored brush. (On one of my paintings, I used a foam edger for painting interior trim; you can also use inexpensive foam brushes.) The gold ground is water-soluble until dry, therefore cleanup is fairly easy. Just try to get as much of the pigment off the brush as possible before cleaning thoroughly with gentle soap and lukewarm water.

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How to Get Into a Juried Art Show - Tips from Six Well-Known Jurors

by Sarah Love

Have you been painting away, going to workshops to learn how to paint better and wondering if you’ll ever be brave enough to enter a juried show? Or you’ve already entered a show without results and want to know what you can do to better the outcome?

As a novice watercolor artist I was wondering the same. With the encouragement from members of the Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS), I interviewed four former jurors of their Annual International Open Exhibitions and two jurors who will be jurying the 75th – Thomas Schaller, Carla O’Connor, Mark Mehaffey, Donna Zagotta, Judy Morris and Alvaro Castagnet.

I discovered that all six of these amazing artists have a deep understanding and reverence for art and a willingness to help others along the way – no matter where they are in their art journey. All are teachers and offer their expertise from both sides, as an entrant and as a juror.

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In 1976 Daniel Smith began manufacturing inks to meet artist’s needs. Today, Daniel Smith Artists' Materials is a leading designer and manufacturer of thousands of art products, substrates and unique items found nowhere else. Please visit Daniel Smith Artists' Materials.

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NWWS 2018 Waterworks Members Exhibition

NWWS proudly welcomes Linda Daly Baker as juror and workshop instructor for our annual membership exhibition in October 2018. Offering an exciting twist to the exhibition, entries for Waterworks Unplugged are now being accepted. You can find out more information and download the prospectus here.

Membership Renewal

Hello Members, it's membership renewal time for the 2018-19 membership year. Click here to go to our membership page. Membership fees are due by June 1st. Online payment is available with Paypal and Credit Card.

GENERAL MEETINGS: The next general meeting is Tues., Sept. 25, 2018 at St. Anderews Lutheran Church/Bellevue, WA. We hold meetings in either Bellevue or at the Seattle Daniel Smith Artists Materials store. Check the calendar for locations. We do not hold meetings in June, July, August, or December.
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Now Available to Everyone! NWWS announces our retrospective book, "A Fluid Tradition: Northwest Watercolor Society… The First 75 Years". This book is an important chronicle of water media painting in the Northwest, and particularly the founding of NWWS 75 years ago. Log in to the NWWS website and select the "Products" link from the menu above to purchase your copy. 



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